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Natural Guest Posting Services

Welcome! Sit back and enjoy a coffee. You're here because you understand the power of SEO. Backlinks can supercharge your profits. Yet, these backlinks must be healthy, ensuring long-term, risk-free business value.

At Marastu™, we ensure 100% natural, unique, in-content, contextual backlinks from genuine bloggers on sites tailored to your preferred Domain Authority (DA).

Professional Backlink Building Services Natural Guest Posting Services

Clean Guest Posting Done For you by Humans, not Automation

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$99/ Link

$69 / Link

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Verified Moz DA 20+ Sites

  • 100% Manual Outreach
  • Authority Permanent Backlink
  • 800+ Words Quality Content
  • 1 Anchor Text / 1 Target URL
  • TAT – 1 Week
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$149/ Link

$99 / Link

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Verified Moz DA 30+ Sites

  • 100% Manual Outreach
  • Authority Permanent Backlink
  • 800+ Words Quality Content
  • 1 Anchor Text / 1 Target URL
  • TAT – 1 Week
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$249/ Link

$189 / Link

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Verified Moz DA 40+ Sites

  • 100% Manual Outreach
  • Authority Permanent Backlink
  • 800+ Words Quality Content
  • 1 Anchor Text / 1 Target URL
  • TAT – 1 Week
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$399/ Link

$249 / Link

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Verified Moz DA 50+ Sites

  • 100% Manual Outreach
  • Authority Permanent Backlink
  • 1,000+ Words Quality Content
  • 1 Anchor Text / 1 Target URL
  • TAT – 1 Week
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$799/ Link

$499 / Link

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Verified Moz DA 70+ Sites

  • 100% Manual Outreach
  • Authority Permanent Backlink
  • 1,500+ Words Quality Content
  • 1 Anchor Text / 1 Target URL
  • TAT – 2 Weeks
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Are you Looking for Something Different?

Are you Looking for Something Different?
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Rahul Doshi

Chief Link Building Strategist

Our Fully Managed Monthly Outreach Solution.
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Rahul Doshi

Chief Link Building Strategist

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Key Attributes of Our High-Quality Guest Posting Services

Let us handle the link building while you concentrate on growing your business

Links with Relevancy


Our consistent and trustworthy process ensures exceptional guest posting service regardless of the number of links you request.

Tried and Tested Result


We deliver top-notch, relevant guest posting services from domains relevant to your niche.

Affordable Link Building


Our highly skilled in-house team naturally integrates the links, ensuring a seamless, authentic contextual link appearance on high quality domains.

Quality Content


Even as the most cost-effective guest posting service, we meticulously choose domains using over 10 crucial metrics.

White Labeled Solution

Satisfaction Guarantee

You can anytime review live progress on the spreadsheet shared with you. All your orders come with a 100% refund/replacement guarantee to ensure you pay only if you fall in ❤️ in with us.

Money-Back Guarantee

White Label Solution

We offer tailored guest posting services for agency owners with complete transparency, affordable, and customized reports. Your clients will never know Marastu™'s involvement in their guest posting campaign.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to frequently asked questions about guest posting

Guest posting (also called guest blogging) involves creating and sharing a post on someone else’s or a company’s website or blog. Usually, guest bloggers get acknowledged for their contribution along with a link within the author’s by-line.

Guest posting service is a white-hat link-building technique. The guest posting service approach is highly valued and authoritative. It is also considered one of the most genuine strategies in the SEO industry. Guest posting service is a company or agency that specializes in helping individuals or businesses publish content on other websites. They aim to connect writers or businesses with websites that accept guest posts, facilitating content exchange to benefit both parties.

Certainly, guest posting offers several benefits. It expands your audience reach boots exposure beyond your usual followers. Sharing expertise on diverse platforms elevates credibility and authority in your industry or service offerings. Additionally, it generates quality backlinks, which will help enhance your SEO and networking opportunities and drive organic traffic. This practice also sharpens writing abilities and nurtures essential connections within the industry.

Affirmative! Yes, guest posting is still alive and relevant. 53% of digital marketers consider building backlinks an excellent strategy.

It’s a content marketing technique that can help build backlinks and is considered an effective SEO strategy. Guest posting does not just get you backlinks; it also drives referral traffic, which results in brand exposure and awareness. It establishes trust in your brand and enhances online authority and valuable opportunities towards partnerships and collaborations within your network.

Link building is a time-consuming, complex and process-driven activity that demands consistency to gain success. Indeed, you could opt to establish the in-house link-building team; however, this route is likely to incur significant costs, a considerable learning phase, and then gaining the backlinks as a result of ROI.

Engaging with an experienced link-building consultant, well-versed in numerous link-building campaigns, guarantees your business a successful kick-start. Marastu has perfected that process, allowing us to build innumerable links consistently.

Unlike other guest posting services, our approach is custom, careful and more focused on finding solutions aligned with the client’s business objectives for every campaign we handle. We avoid using blogger networks (PBN); thus, our approach is entirely organic for each new project we onboard.

Our team is all tried and tested link-building specialists, and we know what it takes to build the solid, diversified link profile that will outrank your competition.

The timeline varies significantly to see the results in link-building via guest posting, i.e. from a couple of months to several months. However, seeing the needle moving positively from any link-building campaign usually takes six months. As we all know, link-building requires a consistent, ongoing, long-term approach. We highly recommend potential clients understand what they’re getting into before engaging with us. All in the SEO industry acknowledge that guest posting is one of the excellent strategies for organic search success, and we will ensure our efforts towards guest posting are aligned with your business goals to bring success. Every time, Marastu™ has stood rock solid with the customers (industry-specific case studies are in the making).

We are serious in our reporting and link-building project management. Yet, we are not among the traditional guest posting agencies wherein they spend most of their and clients’ valuable time and money on ridiculously detailed reports.

Our guest posting reporting ecosystem is straightforward. We will share a Google Spreadsheet with updates throughout the campaign for backlinks we build. We cover and report below metrics:

  1. External Domain Name
  2. Target URL (Client)
  3. Anchor Texts (Target Keywords)
  4. Domain Authority of the External Domain
  5. Domain Authority of the Client Website
  6. SERP of the Target Keyword
  7. Spam Score

We usually provide our clients with advice and recommendations on overall SEO and content strategy. We spend a lot of time analyzing and monitoring client’s competitors to offer strategic insights and know-how on what right (or wrong) tactics they act upon.

Guest posting is not inherently wrong (bad) for SEO. However, it can score negatively if done excessively or poorly to manipulate search rankings, such as using low-quality content or acquiring irrelevant or low-quality backlinks.

When executed strategically with high-quality, relevant content on the authority websites, guest posting can positively impact the overall SEO score. Focusing on relevance, quality, and authenticity is essential rather than solely aiming for link quantity to avoid potential search engine penalties.

There’s no reason for the links not to last indefinitely; however, we guarantee for 12 months. Over time, some loss is inevitable in link building. We cannot have individuals returning to us years later, requesting a refund just because some bloggers discontinued their sites or shifted their focus, which is a natural aspect of this process and not in our control.

We aim to deliver an average standard order of 5-10 links in about one week. Occasionally, with bulk orders (30+) or for long-standing existing clients, we might take some more buffer time.

At times, yes, we have to pay to the bloggers. A few bloggers ask for compensation for the time invested in reviewing and posting the content, which we consider reasonable and okay. However, such compensation terms are explicitly disclosed or mentioned by the blogger on their websites.

According to our standard practice, we do not offer a review process of websites or content before it goes live. Our expert team qualifies the websites and content thoroughly before it goes live. Also, we take our turnaround time and delivery of the backlinks pretty seriously. Thus, going into the website, content review, and approval process slows the overall campaign delivery and interrupts the workflow.

We often provide samples to new clients as part of the onboarding process to showcase our approach and quality.

You can anytime review live progress on the spreadsheet shared with you. Also, all your orders come with a 100% refund/replacement guarantee to ensure you pay only if you fall in ❤️ in with us.

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to choose your desired quantity while placing the order. Additionally, you can mix and match Domain Authority (DA) requirements based on your preferences. Enter the target URLs and keywords (anchor texts), and you can proceed to order.

Upon reviewing your order, we’ll promptly inform you if there is any issue related to your niche and offer a 100% refund. We have yet to encounter a situation where we cannot fulfil an order, except in highly specialized sectors where link building might pose more challenges.

Based on our experience, we may acknowledge that these niches present challenges in establishing genuine link-building relationships. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we can discuss the potential for a customized blogger outreach campaign and pricing details.

The quantity varies based on the tailored package you create, usually between 5 to 35 links per month, adjusted to suit our client’s needs and project scale.

Moreover, reviewing your backlinks profile and industry specifics, we discuss the safe threshold for monthly targets. For instance, a local law firm should aim for a maximum of 8 to 12 links monthly, while a global SaaS website business might need more than 35 links, given the competitive landscape.

We offer flexible payment options for guest posting services. Most clients securely pay through our Stripe payment. We accept all major debit and credit cards. Alternatively, we can generate manual invoices for your finance team.

Absolutely, at any time! Unlike many link-building agencies, we don’t bind you to contract terms or commitments. Our link-building packages operate monthly, and you can cancel whenever you choose.